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This page updated January, 2014

Note on Java™ 2014 security update

Many of the applets on this page were coded in Java™ and with the January, 2014 release of the Java™ (Java 7, Update 51) plug-in by Oracle cannot be run using the default security settings in the Java™ Console, without being re-configured. You can read the details here

Several of these do have updated versions, coded in HTML5, which require the latest browsers (and will run on mobile/portable devices). These are noted, below. If your favorite applet is not one that has been converted, please let us know, so we can get them converted.


Please pardon our on-going construction (this site will never be "finished"!) as we assemble our useful teaching applets.

Our goal, as always, is to bring you the latest in highly interactive teaching & training aids that you can use in class - with or without the descriptive information. The applets on this page were produced by Steve Ackerman and Tom Whittaker.

This page is sorted by categories. We also have a page that is sorted by date

Please be sure to visit the Verner E. Suomi Virtual Museum

If you are an educator, looking for a simple way to make interactive visual identification examples/quizzes, please have a look at Quiz Image

If you have difficulty running Java™ applets in your browser in general, the information at this location might be helpful.

Thanks to David Faysash, a science teacher in Tampa, FL, who has developer teacher guides and student worksheets for a few of the applets. Click here to reference these!

Finally, we have started to do work in "HTML5" -- applets labeled with this term require the latest versions of browsers (IE9+, Safari 5+, Firefox 4+, Opera 10+, Chrome 11+). These applets will run on PCs, tablets and phones (although some might be too large for most phones!).

You ask, "What is it with HTML5?" The short answer is that the browser world is (finally) coming together to a single technology that enables creation of highly interactive, on-line content that can be used on computer and mobile devices (such as phones and tablets).

While it is called "HTML5", it is actually a stack of technologies (HTML5, CSS, DOM, JavaScript) that have finally become standardized enough to be used "everywhere". We are also moving in that direction (and away from Java™ and Flash applets) when possible.

For a page that lists only the HTML5 version, click here

Just click on the links below to run the applets. This list is shown by categories and some applets fall into more than one category.

You may Click here to get a list sorted by date of release.

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